Антикварные куклы
Pregreiner papier mache doll with typical Greiner-curl

Very nice papier mache doll, Milliner's model, "Pregreiner", c. 1845, papier mache shoulder headed doll, wide square, deep breast plate, short stocky neck, childish expression, modeled soft double chin, rose cheeks, fine painted mouth, broad nose, broad forehead, black, painted, modeled children's hairstyle, typical Greiner-curl, vertical ring of curly hair, visible several strands of hair , painted eyes, slim, white, hand-sewed cotton body, with typical seams at the buttocks, forearms are made of carved conifer wood , carved hands and fingers with stick-out thumb, conifer wood legs with up-painted slippers, 27 cm, original clothes

 Pregreiner papier mache doll with typical Greiner-curl

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