Антикварные куклы
Куколка из папье-маше 33см

Solid domed papier-mache shoulder head with slender oval face and elongated throat,black enamel eyes,painted eyeliner,fringed lashes,arched brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with center accent line,black pate with center crown slit for insertion of brunette human hair wig with narrow braided chignonm original muslin body having shapely bosom and tiny waist, kid arms with stitched and separated fingers.
Wonderfully-preserved early doll with beautiful face and painting, very sturdy body is wearing her original underwear, dress, headdress and straw hat.

13" (33cm) tall
French,probably Andreas Voit,circa 1840.
Condition: generally excellent.

 Куколка из папье-маше 33см

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